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12 Best Fast Growing Shade Trees

If you’re looking for the best fast growing shade trees for Arizona, this list will help.  If you’re starting a new landscape, replacing a tree, or just adding one and you want shade soon these fast growing shade trees are just right.  All of them will grow quickly and offer great shade for your landscape at your home or commercial location.

12 Best Fast Growing Shade Trees

These 12 fast growing shade trees have different shapes and colors of blooms.  They are all well adjusted to growing in the heat of Arizona.  A&P Nursery proudly grows our trees right here in the Phoenix valley, so you know you’re getting a tree that’s already accustomed to the temperatures and sun.

1. Sissoo

The Sissoo, or Indian Rosewood, is a fast growing shade trees provide shade in a hurry.  They grow to about 60’ in height and spread out wide to offer great shade to your landscape.   As a semi evergreen they add welcomed green to your desert landscape.

2. Tipu

The Tipu tree is loved by Arizona homeowners as it grows very quickly to it’s mature height of 40’ to 50’ feet.  In addition to being a great shade tree the Tipu has beautiful flowers and is a great addition to any residential or even commercial landscape.

3. Museum Palo Verde

The Museum Palo Verde is immensely popular as it grows fast and provides great shade.  It loves full sun and is a drought tolerant tree.  It will grow quickly to it’s maximum height of about 25’ and provide great shade for your landscape.

4. Arizona Ash

The Arizona Ash tree grows fast, grows wide, and grows up to about 30’ tall.  It’s a deciduous shade tree that will keep it’s leaves most of the year, especially during the hot months.  That means that you’ll have plenty of new shade in a hurry with the Arizona Ash tree.

5. Weeping Willow

The Weeping Willow, or Willow Acacia, has a unique shape and foliage that looks as if it’s streaming down.  It’s texture adds an interesting visual element to any landscape.  It grows very quickly and reaches it’s maximum height of about 40’ much quicker than other common trees.

6. African Sumac

With a maximum mature height of about 80’ the African Sumac, or Mondell Pine, provides loads of shade to your landscape.  It grows quickly and is a great tree for the heat. They are resistant to drought, heat, and wind.

7. Bonita Ash

The Bonita Ash tree is a great broadleaf tree that grows in a rounded and wide shape.  They thrive in full sun and their thick canopies provide great shade.  They will grow to about 30’ feet tall by 30’ wide which makes them great for any part of the yard.

8. Desert Willow

The Desert Willow is a favorite fast growing shade tree by both homeowners and landscapers.  This tree blows with beautiful pink or lavender flowers and grows quickly.  As a broadleaf tree which reaches about 20’ in height it provides great shade and grows fast.

9. Elm

The Elm is a favorite tree just about anywhere you travel and can reach a mature height of 100’.  It’s a hardy tree which can withstand wind, drought, full sun, but does need to be protected if there’s every flooding.   The elms width and height provides excellent shade and grows quickly.

10. Evergreen Pear

The Evergreen Pear tree is a favorite in Arizona as it grows fast to its mature height of about 20’.  This fast growing shade tree is a great addition to your landscape as it has beautiful fragrant flowers in the spring time.

11. Mulberry Fruitless

The Mulberry Fruitless tree is another great fast growing shade tree that reaches about 25’ feet high and an impressive 35’ wide.  They thrive in full sun and their broadleaf canopy provides great shade for your home or commercial property.

12. Shamel Ash

The Shamel Ash is the fastest growing Ash Tree.  With a great wide canopy it provides shade quickly and is a favorite in Arizona as it requires little maintenance or pruning.  It also takes the heat well and enjoys full sun.

Fast Growing Shade Trees For Sale

If you’re looking for fast growing shade trees for your property in Arizona, A&P Nursery is here to help!  We grow our trees in Arizona, so you know they’re already ready to cope with the sun, heat, wind, and will grow quickly in your residential or commercial landscape.  For more information about our selection of fast growing shade trees please contact one of our 4 locations in Mesa, Queen Creek, or Gilbert.

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