When you’re searching for shrubs or bushes near me in Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek; A&P Nursery can help!  Come and browse are healthy and ready to plant bushes and shrubs like the Dwarf Oleander or Dwarf Myrtle.  Other unique and visually stunning choices include Twisted Myrtal and Hamelia Paten. No matter the look you’re going for, we have what you need at A&P Nursery! Our shrubs are grown right here in the East Phoenix Valley. So you know that these shrubs are ready to flourish in our warm Arizona weather!

We Deliver and Plant Bushes and Shrubs!

Shrub and bush delivery is available Monday to Friday. For shrub planting service details, please inquire at a specific A&P Nursery location.

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Privacy Bushes

Privacy Bushes

Our selection of fast growing privacy bushes include high quality specimens and are grown locally in Arizona.  Privacy bushes are great for areas where you want privacy but are unable to install a fence or simply don’t want one.

Landscape Shrubs

Landscape Shrubs

We carry both deciduous and evergreen shrubs in various sizes to fit any landscaping need.  They are good for defining garden beds, using as backdrops for star plants and can also provide some privacy for your landscape.

Types of Shrubs

Browse our collection of shrubs for sale at our nurseries throughout the East Phoenix Valley below, or feel free to drop by one of our shrub nurseries to see what we have to offer in person.

Arabian Jasmine

Evergreen Vining Shrub, 4-7′ tall and 3-5′ wide. Blooms white in Spring. Bloom clusters are really fragrant.

Asparagus Fern

Medium growing fern shrub up to a size of about 3’x5’. Thrives in direct sunlight and/or partial shade. Does well in containers.

Bi-Color Iris

Also known as the African Iris, the Bicolor Iris is a low maintenance shrub that blooms with light yellow flowers with dark brown tepal blotches from May to September.

Bird Of Paradise

Medium growing, upright perennial. Grows up to 4’ or 5’ tall. Like the sun, and does well in containers. Bird-like flowers in multiple colors.

Blue Hibiscus

A medium growing shrub. Grows up to 5’ to 8’ tall, and 5’ to 8’ wide. Likes the sun, and blooms in blue flowers.

Bougainvillea BK

The Bougainvillea is one of the most popular bushes in Arizona as it grows quickly in full or partial sunlight.

Box Leaf Euonymus

Perfect for a low hedge or border, the Boxleaf Euonymus bush’s dense foliage allows for a formal, well-maintained appearance with minimal trimming.

Boxwood Beauty Natel Plum

With its dark, dense, and glossy foliage occasionally spotted with white flowers, the Boxwood Beauty Natal Plum is ideal for an accent or foundation plant.

Bush Morning Glory

Growing about 2’ tall, the Bush Morning Glory is the perfect annual for gardens with limited space or for growing in containers.


With its large foliage and outstanding flowers, the Canna has become the bright garden plant of choice for many landscape designers.

Cape Honeysuckle

The Cape Honeysuckle bush is a fast-growing evergreen bush that thrives in full or partial sun and blooms with orange flowers.

Cape Plumbago

Medium growing, broadleaf shrub. Grows 2’ to 6’ tall. Likes the sun, and blooms blue flowers in mid Summer. Drought tolerant and makes for good wall cover.


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