If you are searching for “fruit trees for sale” or “citrus trees for salenear me in Mesa, Gilbert or Queen Creek, A&P Nursery can help! Citrus trees not only survive our Phoenix East Valley weather, they flourish! We offer over 25 different varieties of citrus trees, from Calamondia to Valencia Orange trees in our Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek nurseries.  We offer stone fruit trees that are suitable for the desert climate, such as apple, peaches, plumbs, pomegranates and many more.  In addition we always carry grapes, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Contact one of our locations for information on planting season and to see what is in stock and ready to plant.

We Deliver and Plant Citrus Trees and Fruit Trees!

Citrus and fruit tree delivery service is available Monday to Friday 7AM to 5:30PM. For citrus and fruit tree planting service details, please inquire at the closest A&P Nursery location to your home.

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More About Citrus Trees!

Of the 4 states in the United States that can produce citrus, Arizona is luckily one of them. In the East Phoenix Valley, citrus trees are evergreen and will grow from about mid-August to October, and then again from February until the dry summer months. With careful planning, and by selecting different varieties of citrus, it’s possible to grow your own fresh citrus for 9 months of the year!

Specific Types Of Tree Variants

  • Anna Apple - Dorsett Golden Apple
  • Bonanza Miniature Peach
  • Flordaprince Peach
  • Mid-Pride Peach
  • Fantasy Seedless Grape
  • Thompson Seedless Grape
  • Santa Rosa Plum
  • Flordahome Pear
  • Blenheim Apricot Ruby
  • Red Marsh seedless Grapefruit
  • Navel Orange - Cara Cara Red Navel
  • Trovita Orange - Valencia Orange
  • Arizona Sweet Orange
  • Mora Blood Orange
  • Fairchild Tangerine
  • Clementime Tangerine
  • Minneolo Tangelo
  • Mexican Lime
  • Mexican Thornless Lime
  • Bears Seedless Lime
  • Lisbon Lemon
  • Eureka Lemon
  • Improved Meyer Lemon
  • Kumquat
  • Kinnow Mandarin
  • Cocktail (From 2-3 variety per tree)

At A&P Nursery we grow our citrus trees locally in our Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek nurseries.

Thank you for your interest in fruit & citrus trees from A&P Nursery!

We’re excited to help you transform your outdoor landscaping with trees, plants, and shrubs in Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Tempe, and the rest of the East Phoenix Valley.