Frequently Asked Gardening Questions in Arizona
Answered by A&P Nursery in Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek

How do I get rid of white flies? When should I prune my plants & trees? Our knowledgeable staff at A&P Nursery answers these frequently asked gardening questions and more below. If you have any further questions about the plants and trees available at the A&P Nursery in Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek, or would like some help with your garden, please contact us.

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When should I prune my plants?

Most plants can be pruned year round, though heavy pruning is best done in February. Light pruning can be done throughout the year as needed. Be careful not to do heavy pruning in the middle of the summer or the middle of the winter to avoid damage from extreme temperatures! Roses should be pruned in December and January.

How do I water - how much, how often?

How much and how often you need to water your plants depends on what kinds of plants you have. Please see our Watering Guide for detailed information on watering your lawn, plants and trees.

When can I plant sod?

How often should I fertilize my lawn?

Once a month if your yard is actively growing.

How do I get rid of white flies?

Do not use soap water to get rid of white flies! Please come in and one of our staff will gladly help you select a more effective product.

The center of my palm tree is black and rotting. What is this and what can I do about it?

This is called Crown Rot. It is a fungus that eats the heart of the palm tree and it will kill the tree. Treat with Bordeaux Powder as needed.

What is pearl scale?

Pearl scale is an insect that attaches to the roots in Tiff type yards and sucks them dry, causing brown patches.

What do I do if I have Pearl Scale?

Pearl Scale can be difficult to get rid of. We recommend treating with Merit as directed over the summer months. Adding water soluble sulfur to the soil will also help. Please see an associate for more details.

How do I get rid of insects or fungus?

As there are many types of insects and fungus, please come in and one of our staff will gladly help you select the product that is appropriate for your problem.

Why do I see a lot of burning on my leaves over the summer months?

During 100+ weather leaves will burn just like human skin. It is called sun and salt burn. Water deep to flush the salts away from the roots and use water soluble sulfur.

How often should I feed my roses?

During growing seasons, feed your roses every 2 to 3 weeks to help keep plant in bloom. See product directions for more detailed information. View our Guide To Roses here.

Do you carry pond plants and equipment?

At our location at 6129 E. Brown Rd in Mesa we carry a wide variety of pond plants and all the equipment you need to set up and maintain your pond including pond liners, pumps, tubing, water filters, algaecides, fish foods and disease treatments.

Does A&P Nursery deliver?

Yes, we can deliver and plant your selections Monday – Friday.

Do you offer planting services?

Several of our staff would be happy to assist you with your plantings for a fee. Please inquire at each separate location for availability and pricing.

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