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If you are searching for quality herb plants or vegetable plants near me in Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, or a city near by; A&P Nursery can help!  From Rue to Peppermint and from Spicy Globe Basil to Sweet Marjoram, our selection of herb & veggie plants will add a fragrant touch to your garden and a fresh taste to your recipes and life.

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Sweet Basil

A leafy, fragrant annual, Sweet Basil, or Bush Basil, is the most common basil for gardens. It grows up to around 18 inches during the summer.

Spicy Globe Basil

Also called Greek Basil, Spicy Globe Basil is great for small gardens and for being grown in a container. It grows in a tight mound about 1’X1’.


With a long history of use for medicinal purposes, the hardy evergreen rue plant is a bitter herb that is used today as a condiment to flavor foods and teas.


With its thin, pointed leaves and strong fragrance, Rosemary is an easily identifiable plant. It grows well in the warm Phoenix climate and can even serve as a hedge.


Fresh peppermint is an easy to grow herb that can freshen up the taste of just about anything. Given the Phoenix climate, it may do best as a potted herb plant.


The zesty flavored, hardy perennial known as Oregano loves the sun. Add fresh Oregano to your garden, and then to your Italian dishes!

Golden Leaf Sage

The gold-variegated foliage of the Golden Leaf Sage make it an intriguing addition to an herb garden.

Garlic Chive

A versatile version of regular chive, the Garlic Chive tastes a bit like a mild clove of real garlic. It is distinguishable by its flat, blue-green blade.

English Thyme

The small, flavorful leaves of the English Thyme plant grow best with full sun exposure. It adds a nice flavor to beans, meat stews, and strong vegetables.


Because it is best used fresh, growing Cilantro in your herb garden just makes sense. It grows best during the cooler months.

Black Opal Basil

The steady growing Black Opal Basil plant is both a colorful addition to your garden and a tasteful one. It has a bit of a licorice flavor.

Sweet Marjoram

With its nice, mellow flavor, Sweet Marjoram is often used with vegetables and in salads, butters, and vinaigrettes.

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