Desert Willow

Fast growing spreading deciduous broadleaf tree. Grows 15’ to 25’ feet tall. Likes the sun, and blooms fragrant pink to lavender flowers.


This fast growing tree reaches a height of 80’-100’ feet at maturity. It is a hardy tree, though it does require good drainage in the event of flooding.

Evergreen Pear

Fast growing to a mature height between 15’-30’, this pear tree is known for its spring flowers.

Fan Tex Ash

With a round canopy of shiny smooth leaves, the Fan Tex Ash Tree makes a great shade or street tree. It requires full sun and matures around 35’-40’ in height.

Ficus Nitida

Recommended for use as a dense shade tree, this ficus tree tends to be wider than tall and spreading 50’-80’. It is a hardy tree that enjoys full sun.

Fruitless Olive

Olive trees are a popular choice in the Southwest due to their hardiness. They generally have a gnarled and twisted trunk and reach heights of around 50’ at maturity.

Hong Kong Orchid

Medium growing spreading semi-deciduous broadleaf tree that grows 15’ to 20’ tall. Likes the sun and blooms spectacular fragrant flowers in winter.


Named “ironwood” because of its remarkably hard wood, this tree reaches 45’ in height and can live as long as 1,500 years! It has lavender to pink flowers around May.

Italian Cypress

Also known as the Mediterranean, Tuscan, or Graveyard Cyprus, this dark green Cyprus tree is a medium-sized coniferous evergreen that reaches 115’ tall.


Flowering in dazzling purple-blue blooms, the Jacaranda tree can serve as great highlight to your landscape. Native to Brazil, it matures at about 50’ in height.


A multi-truck tree offering light shade, the Lysiloma serves in many landscapes as a flowering accent tree or background screen. Thriving in full sun, this tree grows to 20’.


A small evergreen tree growing up to 13 ft tall, the Mastic tree originated in dry and rocky areas of the Mediterranean. It is often chosen as an ornamental tree.


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