If you are searching for “mastic trees” or “mastic trees for sale” in Mesa, East Mesa, Gilbert or Queen Creek, Arizona, A&P Nursery can help! At A&P Nursery we grow our stock locally, so you know the trees you buy are ready for the elements in our sunny paradise.  The Mastic Tree requires full sun and only need occasional watering once it is established.  This makes it a perfect option for the hot and dry weather conditions and sometimes poor soils in your landscape.  This tree has bright red fruits which ripen to black and release a pleasant aroma.

Mastic Tree

Plant In Full Sun

Drought Tolerant Plant

Needs Little Watering

Red Fruits

Mastic Tree Arizona

A&P Nursery proudly offers Mastic Trees for sale at each of our 4 locations in the East Valley.  Your landscape will benefit from these visually attractive trees that offer up bright red fruits that gradually ripen into black.  These are great for use in a row as a privacy screen, along fences, or to add foliage back to drought affected landscapes.  They are beloved for their ease to grow, fragrant aroma, and low water use.

Mastic Tree Care

Mastic Trees are drought tolerant plants that need only occasional watering once they are established.  During the first growing season you should follow a regular watering schedule.  Ensure to water deep and slowly and check the soil to gauge when it’s appropriate to water again.  Don’t over water you tree as you run the risk of causing root rot from excessive moisture.

Fertilizing should be done in the spring time before any new growth has begun.  It’s best to use a general purpose fertilizer for enriching the soil around your Mastic Tree. We deliver and plant trees!

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Mastic trees or Pistacia lentiscus, are moderately-sized trees used sometimes as a “living fence” for privacy and can filter out neighborhood noise thanks to its yearlong condensed, canopy. The quality of its hedge is just one of the things that make this tree so appealing. Indigenous to the Mediterranean area, this evergreen-type tree prospers in the heat with very little or no water. One Big factor to take into consideration, once growth has developed fully, it doesn’t need water. Because of its drought tolerance, as well as its capability to handle any soil condition, makes it a number one choice for a broad range of landscapes throughout the Western part of the U.S.

Mastic trees are average as shrubs, hedges, or fence like tree forms. Regardless of how you use these cold resilient beauties, it’s sure to improve the looks of your landscape. Talk to a A&P Nursery professional for ideal Mastic tree location ideas for your landscape. We deliver and plant trees!

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