Sweet Acacia

The dark trunks of the Sweet Acacia tree lead up to dark green foliage where the fragrant golden blooms that give the tree its name appear in spring and late fall.

Texas Ebony

Prime for urban areas, this tree is highly tolerant of desert soils and the Phoenix heat and sun. It is slow growing, eventually reaching 40’ high with an equal spread.

Texas Mountain Laurel

Texas Mountain Laurels, also known as Mescal Bean trees, typically mature at 10’-15’ in height. With rounded leaves, it blooms in clusters of bluish-lavender.

Thevetia Peruviana

Small to medium tree that loves the heat, and can grow up to 20’ tall. Likes full sun, and blooms large yellow flowers during late Spring and Fall.

Thornless Mesquite

The fissured trunks of Thornless Mesquite trees, also known as Chilean Mesquite trees, are capped with a green canopy that provides good shade. They grow up to 30’ tall.


This tree quickly grow to its mature height of 40’-50’ to offer protection from the blazing Phoenix Valley sun and serves as a nice, flowering accent tree in landscapes.

Willow Acacia

With its unique “weeping” foliage, the Willow Acacia tree is an interesting addition for many landscape styles. It grows quickly to a mature height of 20’-40’.


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