Modesto Ash

Moderate growing deciduous tree. Grows 20’ to 30’ tall, and 20’ to 30’ wide. Likes direct sunlight. Widely used in warm, arid areas. Ideal for park-like settings.

Mulberry Fruitless

Fast growing deciduous broadleaf tree. Grows 2’0 to 3’0 tall, and 20’ to 30’ wide. Likes sun, and is a graceful focal plant for smaller spaces.

Multi Trunk Brazilian Pepper

Offering a dark green and dense shade canopy, this pepper are well known for their hardiness in desert zones. It grows to about 35’.


Set on the background of dark leaves, the flowers of the White, Red or Pink Oleander Trees are definitely eye-catching. These trees can grow up to 20’ tall.

Palo Brea

Maturing at about 25’ and flowering yellow in late spring, the Palo Brea tree is native to Northern Mexico and the Sonoran Desert. It is perfect for low desert gardens and xeriscapes.

Pink Dawn Chitalpa

A cross between the desert willow and catalpa, this hybrid is an ornamental tree that will grow o 20’-25’ tall. It produces no messy seed pods and can withstand strong winds.

Purple Leaf Plum

With its vibrantly colored leaves and standing at 15’-25’, the Purple Leaf Plum tree makes an attractive addition to landscapes in need of a small or medium-size tree.

Red Push Pistache

Thriving in full sun and the desert heat, the Red Push Pistache tree or Chinese Pistache tree, sprouts a large shade canopy of leaves that turn orange-red during the fall.

Shamel Ash

The fastest growing Ash tree, the Shamel Ash is a huge shade tree ideal for large areas. It is very capable of taking on the Phoenix heat, and requires little pruning or maintenance.

Shoestring Acacia

Growing quickly to its mature height of 20’-40’, the Shoestring Acacia is one of few desert landscape trees that is taller than it is wide (15’-20’ spread) and is evergreen.


Also known as the Indian Rosewood tree, Sissoo trees are ideal for adding green to desert landscapes as they are evergreens or semi-evergreens that grow to about 60’ tall.

Southern Live Oak

An evergreen species of oak tree also known as the Virginia live oak, bay live oak, and scrub live oak, it has a very dense crown and stands 50’ on average with an 80’ spread.


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