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A&P Tree Nursery in Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek Arizona
Landscaping Trees for Sale at our Tree Nurseries (480)396-8800

From desert trees like the Palo Brea and the Acacia Willardiana, to evergreen trees like the Evergreen Elm and Evergreen Pear trees, our tree nurseries in Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek have the trees you need to complete your landscape. And, since our trees are grown right here in Mesa (East Phoenix Valley), there is no doubt that they’re ready to grow and survive in our warm Arizona weather!

We Deliver and Plant Trees!

As one of the more difficult plants to transport and add to your landscape, many of our East Phoenix customers love having our pros deliver and plant their trees.
Tree delivery is available Monday to Friday.
For tree planting service details, please inquire at a specific A&P Nursery location.

Browse our collection of landcaping trees for sale at our nurseries throughout the East Phoenix Valley below, or feel free to drop by one of our tree nurseries to see what we have to offer.

acacia aneura tree acacia willardiana tree african sumac tree bradford pear tree
Acacia Aneura Tree
The Acacia Aneura is also commonly known as mulga or true mulga. It is suited for full sun, reaches a mature height of 14’-18’, and blooms with yellow flowers.
Acacia Willardiana Tree
This thorn-less tree is suited for full sun exposure and matures at a height from 10’-20’. Its green leaves are broken up with white or cream flowers when in bloom.
African Sumac Tree
This dense shade tree is native to South Africa and does well in dry conditions. It will look its best with regular, deep watering. It matures at a height of about 25’.
Bradford Pear Tree
Native to Vietnam and China, this pear tree matures at a height of 50’-65’. Its blooms white in the spring and grows a small pear fruit before taking on fall its colors.

cottonwood tree desert museum palo verde tree eldarica pine tree elm tree
Cottonwood Tree
Maturing anywhere from about 65’-150’ in height, the Cottonwood is one of the largest North American hardwood trees. They have a broad, open crown that offers much shade.
Desert Museum Palo Verde Tree
A thornless member of the Palo Verde family, this tree matures between 20’-30’. It is a fast growing tree that thrives in full exposure to the sun.
Eldarica Pine Tree
Also known as the Mondell Pine and Afghan Pine, this tree is very hardy and resistant to heat, drought, and wind. It matures at anywhere from 30’-80’ depending on conditions.
Elm Tree
This fast growing tree reaches a height of 80’-100’ feet at maturity. It is a hardy tree, though it does require good drainage in the event of flooding.

evergreen elm tree evergreen pear tree fan tex ash tree ficus nitida tree
Evergreen Elm Tree
Also known as the Chinese Elm, the fast spreading canopy of the Evergreen Elm and preference for full sun, high temperature areas makes it a popular shade tree.
Evergreen Pear Tree
Fast growing to a mature height between 15’-30’, this pear tree is known for its spring flowers.
Fan Tex Ash Tree
With a round canopy of shiny smooth leaves, the Fan Tex Ash Tree makes a great shade or street tree. It requires full sun and matures around 35’-40’ in height.
Ficus Nitida Tree
Recommended for use as a dense shade tree, this ficus tree tends to be wider than tall and spreading 50’-80’. It is a hardy tree that enjoys full sun.

ironwood tree italian cypress tree jacaranda tree lysiloma tree
Ironwood Tree
Named “ironwood” because of its remarkably hard wood, this tree reaches 45’ in height and can live as long as 1,500 years! It has lavender to pink flowers around May.
Italian Cypress Tree
Also known as the Mediterranean, Tuscan, or Graveyard Cyprus, this dark green Cyprus tree is a medium-sized coniferous evergreen that reaches 115’ tall.
Jacaranda Tree
Flowering in dazzling purple-blue blooms, the Jacaranda tree can serve as great highlight to your landscape. Native to Brazil, it matures at about 50’ in height.
Lysiloma Tree
A multi-truck tree offering light shade, the Lysiloma serves in many landscapes as a flowering accent tree or background screen. Thriving in full sun, this tree grows to 20’.

mastic tree multi trunk brazilian pepper tree olive tree palo brea tree
Mastic Tree
A small evergreen tree growing up to 13 ft tall, the Mastic tree originated in dry and rocky areas of the Mediterranean. It is often chosen as an ornamental tree.
Multi Trunk Brazilian Pepper Tree
Offering a dark green and dense shade canopy, this pepper are well known for their hardiness in desert zones. It grows to about 35’.
Olive Tree
Olive trees are a popular choice in the Southwest due to their hardiness. They generally have a gnarled and twisted trunk and reach heights of around 50’ at maturity.
Palo Brea Tree
Maturing at about 25’ and flowering yellow in late spring, the Palo Brea tree is native to Northern Mexico and the Sonoran Desert. It is perfect for low desert gardens and xeriscapes.

pink dawn chitalpa tree purple leaf plum tree red push pistache tree shamel ash tree
Pink Dawn Chitalpa Tree
A cross between the desert willow and catalpa, this hybrid is an ornamental tree that will grow o 20’-25’ tall. It produces no messy seed pods and can withstand strong winds.
Purple Leaf Plum Tree
With its vibrantly colored leaves and standing at 15’-25’, the Purple Leaf Plum tree makes an attractive addition to landscapes in need of a small or medium-size tree.
Red Push Pistache Tree
Thriving in full sun and the desert heat, the Red Push Pistache tree or Chinese Pistache tree, sprouts a large shade canopy of leaves that turn orange-red during the fall.
Shamel Ash Tree
The fastest growing Ash tree, the Shamel Ash is a huge shade tree ideal for large areas. It is very capable of taking on the Phoenix heat, and requires little pruning or maintenance.

shoestring acacia tree sissoo tree southern live oak tree sweet acacia tree
Shoestring Acacia Tree
Growing quickly to its mature height of 20’-40’, the Shoestring Acacia is one of few desert landscape trees that is taller than it is wide (15’-20’ spread) and is evergreen.
Sissoo Tree
Also known as the Indian Rosewood tree, Sissoo trees are ideal for adding green to desert landscapes as they are evergreens or semi-evergreens that grow to about 60’ tall.
Southern Live Oak Tree
An evergreen species of oak tree also known as the Virginia live oak, bay live oak, and scrub live oak, it has a very dense crown and stands 50’ on average with an 80’ spread.
Sweet Acacia Tree
The dark trunks of the Sweet Acacia tree lead up to dark green foliage where the fragrant golden blooms that give the tree its name appear in spring and late fall.

texas ebony tree texas mountain laurel tree thornles mesquite tree tipu tree
Texas Ebony Tree
Prime for urban areas, this tree is highly tolerant of desert soils and the Phoenix heat and sun. It is slow growing, eventually reaching 40’ high with an equal spread.
Texas Mountain Laurel Tree
Texas Mountain Laurels, also known as Mescal Bean trees, typically mature at 10’-15’ in height. With rounded leaves, it blooms in clusters of bluish-lavender.
Thornless Mesquite Tree
The fissured trunks of Thornless Mesquite trees, also known as Chilean Mesquite trees, are capped with a green canopy that provides good shade. They grow up to 30’ tall.
Tipu Tree Tree
This tree quickly grow to its mature height of 40’-50’ to offer protection from the blazing Phoenix Valley sun and serves as a nice, flowering accent tree in landscapes.

white oleander tree willow acacia tree    
White Oleander Tree
Set on the background of dark leaves, the flowers of the White Oleander Tree are definitely eye-catching. The White Oleander tree can grow up to 20’ tall.
Willow Acacia Tree
With its unique “weeping” foliage, the Willow Acacia tree is an interesting addition for many landscape styles. It grows quickly to a mature height of 20’-40’.