When you search for the Arizona Ash Tree for sale near me in Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, or nearby; A&P Nursery has the valley’s best selection.  We grow our Arizona Ash trees here in the valley, so you know they’re already used to the sun, heat, and are ready for your landscape.  The Arizona Ashe tree is a drought resistant tree that is fast growing, reaches between 30 and 45 feet in height.  This tree is native to Arizona, Texas, California, and parts of Mexico and offers property owners a great deal of shade.


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Arizona Ash Tree

Plant In Full Sun

Drought Tolerant Plant

Needs Little Watering

Excellent Shade Tree

Arizona Ash Tree

A&P Nursery offers locally grown Arizona Ash Trees for sale at our 4 East Valley locations.  Residential and commercial landscapes benefit from these large focal point trees that provide shade.  Owners love them as they grow quickly, are drought resistant, and don’t need excessive maintenance.  With occasional deep watering during the hottest months these trees will grow well and look great.

Arizona Ash Tree Care

Arizona Ash Trees can be planted where you see fit but work well as a tree planted near the street.  They are hardy down to 10°F and can weather the hot summers in the Valley of the Sun.  They will keep that beautifully lush look even in the harshest summer conditions.  With careful branch selection and pruning you’ll have a strong tree that only needs some watering and the right fertilizer to keep it healthy.

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