Tangerine Beauty

Evergreen vine that grows 20’ x 20’. Likes full sunlight. Leafs turn a purple color in winter, and may shed. Blooms in Spring, Summer, and Fall with orange-red flowers.

Verbena Moss

Medium growth up to 12” tall. Blooms in the Summer and Fall with violet purple flowers. Great for arid regions. Drought tolerant and deer resistant.

Verbena Rigida

Ground cover that grows 1’ to 2’ tall, and 3’ to 4’ wide. Rough, strong toothed leafs. Grows in full sun, and blooms clusters of purple-blue flowers.

Yellow Dot Wedelia

Fast growing up to 1.5’ x 6’ with medium green foliage. Blooms yellow daisy-like flowers in Spring to Summer. Good in containers, and can become invasive.


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