Hearts and Flowers

Low growing evergreen ground cover. Bright green leafs with pinkish-red flowers. Blooms Spring and Summer. Likes partial sunlight, and afternoon shade.

Ice Plant

Moderate growth up to 1/2’ tall, and 6’ wide. Evergreen, gray-green foliage. Blooms colorful colors in the Spring. Needs little maintenance to flourish.

Lady Banks Rose

Fast growing up to 20’ tall with deciduous broadleaf. Likes the sunlight, and blooms fragrant double white or yellow flowers in the Summer.

Lilac Vine

Fast growing evergreen broadleaf shrub. Grows 10’ to 20’ tall. Blooms violet flowers with yellow berries in the Summer. Vigorous growth with vine-like branches.

Mexican Primrose

Fast growing up to 1’ x 4’. Thrives in direct sunlight or partial shade. Blooms every Summer with white-pink flowers.


Fast growth up to 1’ tall, and 6’ wide. Evergreen, bright green foliage. Small white flowers bloom in the Spring. Thrives in full sun or partial shade. Low maintenance.

Orange Cape Honeysuckle

Fast growing, spreading broadleaf. Grows 15’ to 25’ tall. Likes the sun and/or partial shade. Bright orange flowers in the fall. Vining shrub, to prune as needed.

Orange Jubliee

Fast growing up to 12’ tall, and 8’ wide. Blooms orange-red flowers in the Spring to Fall. Low maintenance, and very attractive to hummingbirds.

Purple Heart

Creeping plant that grows 1’ to 2’ tall, and 3’ to 4’ wide. Dark purple leafs and the blooms are pinkish-purple. Grows in full shade to partial sunlight.


Evergreen vine that grows in full sun up to 15’ x 15’. Blooms white in late summer followed by red berries. Sure to brighten up ant garden!

Queens Wreath

Fast growing evergreen broadleaf vine. Likes the sun, and blooms purple star flowers in clusters. Vigorous woody vine may be trained as a shrub.

Snail Vine

Fast growing broadleaf vine. Grows 10’ to 20’ tall. Likes the sun, and blooms throughout the year. Flowers resemble snail shape and provide good cover.


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