White Trailing Lantana

This member of the Lantana family differentiates itself from the other hardy, heat loving lantana shrubs with its year-round white flowers.

Wide Leaf Cassia

Heat tolerant, hardy, and evergreen, the Wide Leaf Cassia is a desert plant that can grow up to 6 feet tall with a 6 foot spread.


Evergreen shrub with shiny glossy leafs. Grows 8’-10’ tall and 6’-8’ wide.

Yaupon Holly

Sometimes considered a small tree rather than an evergreen shrub, the Yaupon Holly plant can be trained to remain small and produces bright red berries.

Yellow Bird of Paradise

The very fast growing Yellow Mexican Bird of Paradise differs from its sibling, the Red Mexican Bird of Paradise, by blooming with yellow flowers.

Yellow Oleander

Similar to the Common White Oleander, the Yellow Oleander’s dark leaves and evergreen foliage is useful for hedges, screens, and large accents. It blooms with yellow flowers.


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