Japanese Boxwood

The evergreen Japanese Boxwood bush’s bright green leaves make it great for use as small to medium hedges or even a foundation shrub.

Japanese Privet

Medium growing evergreen shrub with large waxy leaves. Thrives in full sun and blooms white flowers in the Spring. Can be trimmed into many shapes.


Evergreen and Gray-green course texture. Yellow-green Spring. Low litter and no thorns. Good for naturalistic landscapes, screening, or informal hedge.

Katie Ruellia

Grows 3’x3’. Medium Growing Shrub. Likes the sun or part shade. Flowers bloom in purple.

Lavender Bush

Grayish green foliage. Part shade to full sun. Groups 3’-4’ tall and 3’-4’ wide. Entire shrub is very fragrant.

Lavender Star Flower

Fast growing evergreen broadleaf shrub. Grows 6’ to 10’ tall, and 6’ to 10’ wide. Likes the sun, and blooms lavender flowers in late Spring.

Lemon Bottle Brush

Fast growing, medium sized shrub. Thrives in heat and blooms in bright red flowers with a lemon scent. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

Little Leaf Cordia

This bush is fast growing, and likes the sunshine or part shade. Blooms with white flowers.

Mexican Heather

Slow growing, evergreen broadleaf shrub. Grows 6” to 12” tall. Likes sun or part shade. Blooms in pink, purple, or white in the Summer.

Mexican Honeysuckle

Shrubs grow 3’x3’. Likes the full sun to partial shade. Blooms in orange-red flowers.


An evergreen perennial, the Myoporum grows quickly to about 18 inches high and anywhere from 8 to 15 feet around. It is great for use as a ground cover.

Orange Jubilee

All summer and fall you will find large clusters of orange trumpet blooms on the Orange Jubilee bush. This fast-growing plant is beautiful and useful for screens and hedges.


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