Medium height. Grows 3’x3’. Like the sun or part shade. Blooms in bright red.

Photinia Fraseri

Fast Growing, evergreen broadleaf shrub. Grows 6’ to 12’ tall, and 8’ to 12’ wide. Likes the sun. Blooms white flowers in Spring.

Pink Lady

Medium growing shrub up to 6’ tall, and 7’ wide. Thrives in full sun and tolerates hot climates. Blooms dark pink, fragrant flowers in the Fall.

Pittosporum Variegated

The easy care and open, round canopy of the Pittosporum Variegated has led it to become a popular landscape shrub. The foliage is colored green and white.

Rain Lilly (Pink & White)

Moderate growth up to 1’x1’ upright clump. Evergreen, Dark green fine texture. White flowers in Summer. Low litter and no thorns. Flowers often appear after summer rains.

Red Bush Bougainvillea

This member of the hardy, drought resistant bougainvillea family blooms with red flowers several times throughout the year.

Red Fairy Duster

The Red Fairy Duster, or Baja Fairy Duster, is a small/medium desert shrub that has bright red, thin-petal flowers that stay throughout the year.

Red Hibiscus

This large, showy plant likes to have its space to shine! The Red Hibiscus needs plenty of water, and its large flowers bloom over several weeks.

Red Lantana

Adding red flowers year round to your garden or landscape, the Red Lantana bush is extremely hardy and heat loving.

Red Bird of Pardise

With blooms from early summer through fall, the very fast growing Red Mexican Bird of Paradise bush is an evergreen shrub that thrives in full sun.

Regal Mist

Grows 4’x4’. Likes the sun or part shade. Blooms with rosy pink flowers.

Ruellia Brittoniana

Doing best in the full sun and drought tolerant, the Ruellia Brittoniana blooms with purple flowers. The stems and veins at the bottom of the leaves are also purple.


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