Cat Claw Vine

Also referred to as the Yellow Trumpet Vine because of its masses of yellow, trumpet-shaped blooms, the Cat’s Claw Vine is great for covering a large wall.


This a medium growing shrub. It thrives in the direct sunshine and/or partial shade. Blooms in red flowers.

Common Oleander

Because of its height, dark leaves, and evergreen nature, the Common Oleander is often used for hedges, screens, and even large accents.

Coral Fountain Grass

Officially called the Russelia Equisetiforms, this bush grows up to 3’ tall, and 4’ wide. Blooms red orange flowers.

Creeping Fig

Often called the Climbing Fig as well, this woody evergreen vine is fast-growing and requires little care outside of pruning.


Medium growing bush. Grows up to 6’ tall and 6’ wide. Blooms yellow flowers in Summer.

Deer Grass Cap

A clumping landscape grass, Deer Grass Cap is a hardy grass that survives in full or low sun exposure and displays wheat colored blooms in the fall.

Desert Ruellia

Drought and heat tolerant and adorned with light purple flowers when in bloom, the Desert Ruellia is a popular Phoenix Valley choice.

Duranta Repens

Fast growing, irregular evergreen broadleaf shrub with vine-like branches. Grows 10’ to 20’ tall. Likes the sun. Blooms violet blue flowers and yellow berries in Summer.

Dwarf Bottle Brush

The blue-green leaves of the Dwarf Bottlebrush contrasted with its long lasting, deep red blooms make this dwarf bush great for small gardens and small spaces.

Dwarf Myrtle

With lush dark green foliage, this hardy evergreen shrub is widely used for small to medium hedges. The Dwarf Myrtle thrives in full or partial sun.

Dwarf Pink Oleander

If you’re looking for an accent or low hedge bush, consider using the Dwarf Pink Oleander to also add a splash of pink flowers from spring through fall.


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