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Types of Vines & Ground Cover

Browse our collection of vines and ground coverings for sale at our nurseries throughout the East Phoenix Valley below, or feel free to drop by one of our vines and ground covering nurseries to see what we have to offer.

Angelita Daisy

Fast growing up to 1’ x 1’ round clumps. Evergreen, medium green foliage. Blooms yellow daisy-like flowers. Colorful and persistent. Good for small spaces.

Asian Star Jasmine

Medium growing, evergreen broadleaf shrub. Likes the sun or partial shade. Creamy yellow flowers bloom in early Summer. Bronzy new growth useful for ground cover.

Barbara Karst Bougainvillea

Fast growth rate up to 30’ long. Blooms bright magenta-red flowers in the Spring through Summer. Great for patio/arbor coverings. Drought tolerant.

Blackfoot Daisy

Fast growing, evergreen perennial. Grows up to 1’ x 2’. Blooms white daisy-like flowers year round. Produces a bright and colorful ground cover.

Bower Vine

Fast growing, evergreen broadleaf vine. Grows up to 20’ tall, and 30’ wide. Likes sun or partial shade. Blooms June through October. Attractive glossy foliage.

Carolina Jasmine

Medium growing, spreading evergreen vine. Likes sunlight, and Grows 10’ to 20’ tall. Great for a trellis or fence with bright yellow flowers in late Winter and early Spring.

Damianita Daisy

Slow growing evergreen broadleaf shrub. Like the sun, and blooms a large amount of yellow flowers in Summer. Needle like leaves carry a spicy fragrance.

Desert Marigold

Fast growing up to 1’ x 1’. Evergreen, silvery-gray foliage. Blooms yellow, daisy-like flowers year-round. Undemanding, and reseeds itself well.

Duranta Vine

Fast growing annual shrub up to 8’ tall, and 4’ wide. Blooms blue and white flowers in the Fall and Summer. Likes partial sun and shade. Low maintenance.

Dwarf Myoporum

Fast growing, up to 8” x 6’ with bright green foliage. Blooms small white flowers in the Spring. Good cover but be careful not to overwater.


Moderate growth up to 1’ tall, and 1.5’ wide. Evergreen, silver green foliage. Orange, bronze, and yellow daisy-like flowers bloom in late Winter to Spring.

Hall’s Honeysuckle

Fast growing, spreading semi-deciduous broadleaf vines. Grows 15’ to 20’ tall, and likes the sun and/or partial shade. Blooms yellow-white flowers in the Summer.


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